Delivery & Curbside Pickup

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking steps to keep our customers and employees as safe as we can while still allowing people to enjoy creating their gardens this year. Gardening is therapeutic and as you are spending more time at home these days, your garden can become a sanctuary. Growing your own food can also help to reduce the number of trips you take to the grocery store.

For those that do still want to pick their plants out themselves, our store is still open to the public because we have been designated an essential business. However, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our delivery and pickup options (details below). If you do need to make an in-person shopping trip, please do so safely.

  • Shop alone. We know that many families look forward to creating their gardens together each year but in light of what our world is currently facing, please leave the family and the pets at home whenever possible.
  • Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer as often as possible.
  • Stay at least six feet away from others in the store, per CDC recommendations.
  • Have a shopping list. Come to the store already knowing what you’re looking for so that you can be in and out as quick as possible.
  • If you are feeling ill, please stay home so you can rest, relax, and recover.

Free Delivery

Martin’s Home & Garden is offering free delivery on select orders! Please see restrictions below. Deliveries can be scheduled and paid for over the phone. Call us at 615-867-7121 and ask to speak with one of our cashiers. Credit/debit cards can be accepted over the phone for a contactless delivery, or you can give cash/check to our employee when they deliver your order.

To qualify for free delivery:

  • You must be within a 10 miles radius of the store.
  • Your order must fit in one of our pickup trucks and require only one employee for delivery.
  • The total of your order must be at least $75.
  • Bulk mulch/soil and pine straw are not eligible for free delivery.

If your order total is under $75 but otherwise meets the above requirements, you will only be charged a flat $15 delivery fee instead of our our regular delivery fee of $20 flat fee + $3 per mile.

Free Curbside Pickup

Schedule your curbside pickup for a contactless shopping trip! Call 615-867-7121 to submit your order, or use the form below. Just select a time slot, and then complete all the fields on the next screen. Let us know what’s on your shopping list, we’ll pull what we have in stock for you, then we’ll safely load it in your car when you arrive.

Please do not use the form below to request a delivery. Deliveries can only be scheduled in-person or over the phone. Also, please only select a time when you are ready to place your order. If you have questions about product availability, give us a call before submitting your form.

Click here if you don’t see the form below.

What’s In Stock?

Our online store has been a work in progress since the beginning of the year and should be completed late summer 2020! In the meantime, you can always give us a call at 615-867-7121 if you have questions about what’s on our shelves.

Click the image below to see a full list of all the Monrovia plants our garden center carries!

Click the tabs below to see information about some of our most frequently asked-about products.

Beef & Pork

Our market carries farm-fresh beef and pork from local farms.

Bradshaw Farms (Watertown, TN) Beef
Ground beef
Chuck roast
Round roast
Ribeye steak
NY Strip steak
Sirloin steak
Hamburger steak
6 oz burger patties

Ferguson Farm (Lebanon, TN) Pork
Ground pork
Pork chop
Boston butt
Maple-cured jowl
Brats (garlic pepper, cheddar jalapeño, jalapeño pepper, cheddar)


We carry a wide selection of Espoma’s 100% organic fertilizers and soil amendments. View their full list of products on their website.

Espoma Organic Product Lines


We stock a variety of Papa Joe and Chef Jeff herbs in our Perennials Department. You can view a list of these herbs on their websites.

Papa Joe’s Herbs Chart

Chef Jeff Herbs


Among other houseplants, we have several varieties in stock of the following:


Pest & Disease Control

We carry a wide selection of Bonide garden solutions. View their list of products and learn how to safely apply them in your garden on their website.

Bonide Products


We stock a variety of Botanical Interests seed packets (flowers and vegetables) and products! We also carry a selection of vegetable seeds from Seed Savers Exchange. You can view their list of products on their websites.

Botanical Interests

Seed Savers Exchange Heirloom Seeds

Soils & Mulches

We carry almost the entire line of EarthMix bagged soils and soil amendments. Visit their website to view their full line of products. We no longer stock any Miracle-Gro potting mixes.

EarthMix Garden Products

Our bulk mulch and soil is sold per yard or per half yard.

Screened topsoil
Garden soil (blend of topsoil, mushroom compost, and other organic matter)

Mulch – Also available in bags
Pine bark


Currently, we only have pine straw available by the bale. Wheat straw will not be back in stock until May.


We carry a large selection of tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables from Chef Jeff and other suppliers. View a list of all Chef Jeff vegetable on their website:

Chef Jeff Tomatoes

Chef Jeff Heirloom Vegetables

Chef Jeff Peppers

Other Chef Jeff Vegetables

We also have varieties of the following fruits in stock in our Greenhouse and Trees & Shrubs Departments: