Buy Monrovia plants online, pick them up in-store

Monrovia is a wholesale grower of premium ornamental and edible plants. Their plants that Grow Beautifully® are nurtured in custom-blended, premium soil mixes, to produce healthy plants that flourish in the landscape. Martin’s Home & Garden is proud to be a provider of Monrovia’s plants. You will recognize the green Monrovia pot when you come to our garden center in Murfreesboro but it’s what is going on inside that pot that makes a difference.

When you buy plants, remember, you’re buying time. You can plant a tree from seed but it will take a long time to mature. Plants grown in containers are well on their way and you can enjoy them immediately. Take a look at Monrovia’s plants in the green container. You’ll notice they are larger, fuller and pruned to a healthy shape.

Each of the 2,300 plant varieties they grow regionally is nurtured in a customized soil mix that helps develop a strong root system and thus a healthy plant that will flourish in your garden. Monrovia has introduced hundreds of improved plant varieties that are bred to be more pest and disease resistant and/or with improved characteristics such as increased flower or fruit production, or unique color.

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Top Ten Reasons to Buy Monrovia Plants


They are healthier, hardier and will flourish in your garden.


They are nurtured in proprietary soil mixture.


Monrovia added mycorrhizae to enhance root development.


Monrovia grows larger, fuller plants.


Monrovia grows hundreds of new, improved varieties.


Monrovia plants are more pest and disease resistant.


Monrovia plants are found at the best independent garden centers – like Martin’s Home & Garden!


Fantastic topiary shapes, patio trees and espaliers are available.


Monrovia plants have vivid colors in foliage, fruit and flowers.


Monrovia plants make you look like a fabulous gardener!

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Monrovia grows more than 4,000 plant varieties and hold more than 230 plant patents and trademarks. Why buy a patented plant? Monrovia’s are healthier, hardier and more pest resistant; many bloom more and longer. You’ll be able to reduce the use of chemicals and you’ll be a more successful gardener.

Don’t see the plant that you’re looking for in our stock in the garden center? Order it from Monrovia and have it shipped for free to our store! We’ll take care of it for you until you come pick it up. We’ll always be here to answer any questions you have about how to care for your new addition after you take it home!

Buy Monrovia plants online, pick them up in-store