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Which tomatoes are best?
Two of our favorite are Jet Star and Park’s Whopper. If you will be canning them, we recommend Mountain Fresh.

What is the difference between annuals and perennials?
Annuals, which are under our Greenhouse Department, are usually brighter and more vibrant than perennials when they bloom, but they only last for one season. They won’t come back next year. Perennials do not have to be replanted and will come back each season.

Hard Goods

What is the difference between the bulk screened topsoil and the bulk garden soil?
Screened topsoil comes directly from riverbeds and has no added nutritional value. Primarily, you would use screened topsoil to fill holes, seed grass, or level the ground. Garden soil has added amendments. It is 60% mushroom compost and other compost materials and 40% screened topsoil. The garden soil also drains better than the screened topsoil.

How much area will one cubic yard of soil cover?
One cubic yard covers around 100 square feet, 3 inches deep.

I need an organic weed control – what would you recommend?
There is no organic product that kills weeds and unwanted grass.


Which perennials are evergreen?
Helleborus, herchera, dianthus, pachsandra, vinca, creeping phlox, iberius, euphorbia, and some carex

What perennials grow well in clay soil?
Any perennial can be planting in clay soil with the proper amendments. Adding mushroom compost, earthworm castings, peat moss, and others will help your plants survive and thrive.

Which perennials would be good for a shady porch container?
We’d recommend primrose, heuchera, hosta, and ferns.

Trees & Shrubs

Do you offer a warranty?
Yes! Click here to learn more.

What shrub blooms all summer long?
Your best bet will be a rose or hydrangea.

Can a lemon or lime tree live outside?
Not in our area. They are tender trees in our zone and need to be kept inside.

How big of a hole should I dig for my tree?
A rule of thumb is to dig double the width of the pot your tree comes in and equal the depth.

I think my rose has rosette disease – what should I do?
Dig it up immediately and throw it away. Don’t compost or burn it. Also, don’t plant another rose in its place because the virus could still live in the soil. Any other plant will be fine there.

General Plant Care

How much should I water my plants?
A good rule of thumb is to check the moisture of the soil by sticking your finger down an inch or two each day – if the soil feels dry, give it some water.

What fertilizer is best?
We recommend:
Ferti-lome Blooming and Rooting for flowers
Holly-tone for evergreen trees and shrubs
Plant-tone for deciduous trees and shrubs
Rose-tone for roses

General Store Information

Can I rent items for my event?
We do offer rentals of all our products. The rental costs of green goods is 40% of the retail price, and hard goods are rented for 30% of the retail price. An additional 10% is added for every additional day after 3 days.

Do you deliver?
We do deliver any product to your location. Deliveries are a $20 flat fee + $3 per mile from Martin’s Home & Garden to your location, each way. For larger deliveries that require more employees, there is a $15 increase to the flat delivery fee for each additional employee needed.

Can I return items?
All grocery and bulk soil sales are final. All other items must be returned within one week of their purchase date. Plants must be in good condition. Returns will be processed in the form of store credit or a product exchange.