The Market is the place to shop all year round. There’s something for everyone and every occasion. We source several of our products in our gift shop and grocery store from local, southern companies and farms. When you buy from Martin’s Home & Garden, you’re supporting other families across the southeast.

Call us today to find out about everything The Market offers, and learn about some of the products below.

Wind Chimes

Corinthian Bells wind chimes combine excellence in design with outstanding clarity in tone and musical pitch. The chimes are available in multiple sizes and colors.

Outdoor Flags

Flags come in two sizes: 28″ x 40″ flags for the house, and 12″ x 18″ garden flags. We also have poles, stands, and door hangers for these flags, as well as mailbox wraps.

Personal Care

Our gift shop also carries personal care products made locally.

1818 Farms’ products include some of the herbs grown right on the farm. In our gift shop, you can find handcrafted soaps and shea creams that come straight from the farm to your home! We carry scents like sandalwood, peppermint tea tree, wedding cake, melon, and more. We also have argan face serum available for you to add to your skin care routine.

To Eat

Our baked goods come from Dutch Kuntry in Pembroke, KY. We stock bread and whoopie pies in several flavors, sticky pecan rolls, and caramel cinnamon rolls. Each item is homemade and makes a great addition to your table!

You can also pick up some local honey from Martin’s Honey. George Martin has over 100 colonies of bees on his Manchester, TN farm. We stock raw and creamed honey, honey, beeswax candles and bars, pure bee pollen, and lip balm.

We also carry a variety of other pantry items. Our shelves are fulls of jams, canned items, pancake mixes, syrups, and bottled drinks. Pick up a jam in flavors like blackberry, peach, strawberry rhubarb, or apricot to spread on your Dutch Kuntry bread. If syrup is more your style, check out our Muddy Pond Sorghum, made by the Guenther family! We also carry roll butter and cheeses from Troyer Cheese Company.