Spring will be here before we know it! Our team has been working hard with our vendors to get plants on the shelves. Check out what we have coming soon, and plan your shopping trips. We’re getting lots of brand new items this year – let us know what you think!

Deliveries subject to change with little to no notice.

Recently Delivered

Statues ▷ Bird baths ▷ Easter decor ▷ Fountains ▷ Spring bulbs ▷ Evergreens ▷ Rain chains ▷ Garden decor ▷ Houseplants ▷ Seed potatoes ▷ Starter onions ▷ Dwarf evergreens ▷ Herbs ▷ Perennial succulents ▷ Shade perennials ▷ Perennial groundcovers


Week of February 18
Cold crop vegetables
Garden decor
Fruit trees

Week of February 25
Pottery – outdoor/frost-proof and houseplant


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


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